• Chinese New Year: Perfect gift for people born in the year of the rabbit.
    Knitted from soft, highquality wool using a brioche stitch, it is done in a stylish and warm chunky knit. In the rabbit’s mouth is a strong clip to secure it around the neck.
    The glass eyes are made by a German family business. Beige and white or available in black and white or grey and white. Makes a unique fashion statement! 92% merino wool, 8% cashmere.

    Hand-wash only! Scarf measures 145cm with head, 30cm wide. Handmade in the Netherlands.

    The scarf is made using a domestic knitting machine.

    Rabbit Scarf

    € 89,00Price
    • 92% merino wool
      8% cashmere
      just hand washing
      The scarf is knitted with fisherman's rib, using a hand-operated knitting machine and hand finished